Upper Valley NH Attorneys

There are many ins and outs to purchasing a home, and choosing the right Real Estate attorney not only can make this process headache-free, but in some cases, an attorney is required in the sale of property. They do the title searches, advise of a clear title, and also administer closings. Below are some trusted real estate attorneys in the area that we would recommend. 

Upper Valley Attorneys

Schuster, Buttrey & Wing
Website: www.ivylegal.com
Phone: 603-448-4782

Hughes, Smith, Hughes, Atwood & Mullaly
Office: 603-448-3900

Margaret Jacobs
Phone: 603-643-5010

Law Office of C. Nicholas Burke, PLLC
Phone: 603-448-9650

Janson & Koppenheffer
Phone: 603 448-3224


Upper Valley Title Companies

Connecticut Valley Title Services
Phone: 603-863-7575

Phenix Title
Website: www.phenixtitle.com
Phone: 603-352-6945