Our History

Vanessa Stone Real Estate team

Vanessa Stone began her career in Real Estate in 1988.  She was working for a company and was the top producer in sales for many years.  She finally went on to open her own company, Vanessa Stone Real Estate, LLC, in Enfield in January of 2005.  At first, it was only Vanessa and her assistant.  Shortly after, another agent joined her company.  Since then, she has gradually grown her company with the number of agents under her, as well as the amount of sales.  Between 2015 and 2016, she expanded her main office in Enfield to obtain a larger conference room and two more offices, while also opening a satellite office in Lebanon, NH for more exposure. 

Vanessa and her experienced team are known for having the “soft touch” and a no-pressure experience.  They want you to be comfortable whether you are listing your home for sale, searching for a home to purchase, or a tenant looking for a rental home.  We want to turn your dreams into an address! 

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